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more evidence that Big Dubya is Watching You. [via a locked post by a friend].

Hope that Google can beat this subpoena.
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not only am i not done with the work from yesterday, I discovered this morning that it should have been done on Sunday night.

oh well. late is late.

foe cuss

Jan. 9th, 2006 03:36 pm
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aargh. can't write this presentation. must stop noodling.

I really want to hear from our prospective future landlord about our new place. I really liked it but we haven't got the official go-ahead yet.

I have much work to do.
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I have 60 minutes left on my cell phone plan until the end of August. Thus I think I won't be doing much phone calling back to Seattle until Sep 1. (I'm sorry, [ profile] imtboo!)

If you'd like to talk to me, I can send anybody who wants to know my hotel's phone number.
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I was about to write a post about how I'm killing time bored in the hotel in Palo Alto, but then I got a call back from [ profile] apollinax who has invited me to come to a going-away party in the East Bay for [ profile] silamander, who is apparently moving south. ([ profile] apollinax himself is about to start his professorship at Stanford. Woo!)

Hoping not to steal [ profile] silamander's thunder, but really looking forward to visiting with that crew, which I haven't seen all together for a long time.

Nevertheless, I miss [ profile] imtboo, who would enjoy the company of many of these people.

Still way behind on livejournal; I'm on Aug 8 right now and moving forward.
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I have nothing to add to what [ profile] slit said here.
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I just gave a fairly final version of the introduction and background chapters to Advisor. There are still some citations to fill in, and all the figures are marked off (figuratively speaking) with police tape. But it's in her hands. I wrote her:
Apologies for this taking so long. I'm sure you're familiar with students' underestimation of the difficulty of writing-it-all-down, but it's always a surprise to *us*.
After I gave it to her, she came back into my office area and, laughing, pointed it at me sideways. "Remember, [[ profile] trochee]," she said, with the thick stack of pages flat between her palms, "this is a master's thesis."

I blushed, and tried to explain: "No, it's 'cause I have to introduce the engineering and the linguistics, on both sides of the lexical layer -"

"No, I understand," she said. "But don't be so hard on yourself. It'll be fine."

So I feel better. I picked up the next chapter (Corpus), and realized that I've already written most of it. I'm reading through it now, and though it looks like there will be some edits, I should have a draft of that chapter done tonight too!


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