Aug. 17th, 2007 10:39 am
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wow, I feel really challenged to say anything about our wedding. It was lovely, everything I wanted. Everything [ profile] imtboo wanted too, and what we wanted together. I am now married to my best friend, the most beautiful woman in the room. And our amazing, present friend [ profile] blackwingedboy performed the ceremony.

We shared so much with our community, and I have never in my life felt so loved by so many.

more photos from [ profile] beckyb ([ profile] beckyb was a reader in the ceremony too!)

more photos from [ profile] eldan.

Please to enjoy. Look at the pretty pictures. See also [ profile] imtboo's posts here and here.

more photos from Bob R.
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it's my job to arrange the liquor, wine and beer for the wedding. It's been fun, but I'm definitely happy that we're approaching the end of the planning-and-doing for all this: there's been a lot to do. I'm pretty happy about it all: it's definitely our wedding, and we've done a lot to make sure it stays there. Everything we've chosen has been us choosing, and that makes me happy and proud of us.

Planning the alcohol has been pretty easy so far: spreadsheets are kinda dorky fun, and budgeting with a good spreadsheet is fairly easy. Beer has been no problem: Mac and Jack's, a Seattle-area microbrewery that doesn't even sell in bottles (or have a web site!), is what I usually order in a bar, and it's really good. It's also local, which is a plus. Likewise for liquor: we're not doing too bad as long as we have Tanqueray for [ profile] imtboo's favorite, Tanqueray and Tonic. (okay, there aren't any local gin-makers, AFAIK, and that's all right.)

But wine! wine is a doozy. I just started looking at choices for wine, and it's kind of overwhelming. Neither [ profile] imtboo nor I is a wine snob connoisseur so we aren't the sorts of people who will appreciate the difference between decent wine and $50/bottle excellent wine.

I found the rather overwhelming Cork'd wine-tasting/purchasing online social network, but their idea of cheap wine is "less than $20 per bottle". I'm a plebeian: to me, "cheap" is less than $6, and "reasonable" is less than $10. Both [ profile] imtboo and I like the idea of serving our guests local wine (where "local" is "Pacific Northwest", not necessarily "Puget Sound").

So I guess what I'm looking for is (for each of red, white, and bubbly):

  • Pacific Northwest
  • less than $10/bottle
  • better than expected for its price
Considering the volume (at least one case of each), that's not too crazy, is it? or is my sense of wine costs way off?

I guess that's enough to go ask somebody. Anybody have a wine-steward at a Seattle-area store that you particularly trust?


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