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Higgledy piggledy:
Frederick Jelinek,
speech recognition
director of note's

reputation for cranky
is likely deserving
at least among linguists
by anecdote.

the audience for this is probably very very small.

ETA: (15 Sep 2010): Frederick Jelinek has passed away; his curmudgeonry will be missed in our community.


Jun. 27th, 2010 09:43 pm
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An /r/ at the right of the syllable
May not always in practice be trillable
  some rhyme Goebbels with gerbils
  (in orals and verbals):
the rhotics are frequently nillable.
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"Your return trip from Warsaw's awry,"
said the airclerk who saw the sum high, 
  "I'd hate it to waste
   but we can it fix post haste:
ten złoty is five two multiply."

Anybody want footnotes? Is this going to be a thing? It might be a thing.
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In search of le bon mot or "zinger"
(the crushing conclusions that linger)
there's nothing as lexical
as that rude indexical:
salutation with one's middle finger.
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Who says the NYT has no sense of humor?
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From Lea's entry mentioned in my previous post, I discovered the blog of Colleen Doran (best known as creator of A Distant Soil. though that's ironically not listed in the Comic Book Database). In that blog I found a most marvelous post about her brother's pentagram police-work.
Before the trip, Bro dressed up in his best suit, put on some shades, and picked up a cheap pentagram ring from Spencer’s Gifts because it would look cool to Satan’s Appendage. While the other cops dressed in jeans and baseball caps, Bro’s duds had the desired effect, and Lefty trembled in fear, afraid he was facing one of Satan’s Own Enforcers. (From Colleen's blog)
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Bill Poser points out an absurdly wrong use of Mathematica, when Perl (or egrep) would really be a much more appropriate choice.
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Suppose [hypothetically] I just received an email with the subject line "This is not an interesting email".

Would I read it?
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"Bonjour," says [French guy, we'll call him Jean], upon arriving in the office, to the South Indian [we'll call him Prakash] with whom he shares a cubicle wall.

Prakash looks back, blankly.

"Buenos dias," Jean tries again, gamely.

Another stare.

"Guten Tag, bon giorno," Jean tries, with a tiny note of desperation along with his accent. "Nii hao, hello!"

"Namaste," I add, perhaps unhelpfully.

Prakash pulls the tiny tiny earphones out of his ears and looks at us both. "What?"
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I'm a "Pure Nerd" according to one of those OKCupid tests. 100% score is perfect! Read more... )
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The Chinese project manager two desks over is on the phone, talking about a project I'm working on. He mis-spells my surname, scrambling the coda consonants. He notices me flinching at the mis-spelling, and corrects himself. He then compares it to "uh, a Persian king yah", hears me laugh, and looks up at me: "what -- no?"

"It's just a name," I said. I don't want to go into the extended history of the consonant sequence, which derives from an old name for one of the Hebrew tribes. It's anglo-homophonous, but not anglo-orthographically identical to the name he's thinking of, nor is it ortho-identical to a certain even-numbered science-fiction sequel. He turns back to the phone. I turn back to my terminal.

"No, I don't think so," he says after a moment. I turn back. He looks up -- "No, I don't think he's Vietnamese," he says to the phone. I sip some coffee, and go back to work.
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Cat and Girl: Outdoor activities )

I wish this activity really was outdoors.
and okay, Cat's motivation is not really my motivation. I'm already there.
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According to the New York Times, Gonzales is Seeking to Stem Light Sentences.

geeky explanation behind the cut )
I owe this one to a transitive-closure labmate (he's not my labmate, but he's a former labmate of some of my labmates) who's now on the East Coast.
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You put the thesis in
kick the antithesis out
pull the synthesis together
and you shake it all about

it's the Hegel dialectic
and you turn it all around;
that's what it's all a-bout!

Inspired by some discussion on [ profile] evan's journal.
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I've never seen a bottom quark
a black hole or neutrino
though the doc insist
they must exist:
frankly, what does he know?

(further apologies to Gelett Burgess)
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[ profile] _dkg_, among others, will appreciate this.

Thank you [ profile] isolt for the link.


May. 17th, 2005 06:35 pm
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okay, I was curious about what [ profile] yendi said about Emory U. being under a DDOS attack. So I googled. But I found the Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society. I can't quite believe that (1) its acronym is really DDOS and (2) it's Dorking.

heh. heh. huhuhuh. for some [rather obvious] Beavis and Butthead reasons, this makes me snicker.
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This has to be a joke, but the sign was posted down in south campus center:
Cancelled: Attendance Policy Training

Due to low attendance scheduled for May 3, 2005, the attendance policy training session has been cancelled. Please call [number] to rechedule for another session. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.
Human Resources

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from a misunderstanding conversation yesterday with two of the other boys associated with Live Girls Theater [R, actual company member and W, who -- like me -- is a member of the Live Girls Boys' Auxiliary, not to be confused with the other LGBA]:

Darth McVader is:

  • the next George Lucas/bad-hamburger marketing synergy
  • the Scottish Sith
  • Highlander with a lightsaber
  • I'm your wee daddy, Luke
  • the best thing to shout at improv comics

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My abstract for the UNLP workshop:
High-speed, high-entropy parse forest pruning with TUNGUSKA

Transylvania Polygnostic University
High Energy Magic Building

Genetic Algorithms are a popular theory, especially because we hear that genetics research is well-funded these days, and we suspect that government agencies often use bag-of-words models to make grant decisions. [Please take note that this research has no bearing on terrorism, biostatistics of terrorism, biostatistical terror, or the missing chemical weaponry in Iraq.] Growing sophistication in these algorithms has incorporated more and more analogies from evolutionary and molecular biology, including "crossover", "mutation", "island effects", "Dr. Moreau", and "wolf-boy".

[Alvarez and Alvarez] propose that the superorder /Dinosauria/ was erased by a long-distance movement phenomenon involving a kiloton ice comet, bringing in the advent of angiosperms known as "trees". Our TUNGUSKA system implements an analogous method for construction of syntactic trees designed to follow these trends. Our parser, implemented in SNOBOL, uses catastrophic destruction of a treebank or parse forest to provide an ecological niche for new trees, using a BLAST and PSI-BLAST pruning technique only recently approved by the Department of Energy.

We present current results in the first stages of this experiment, which has a large effective radius and has resulted in great support from nearby surviving faculty, who are happy to move their offices to accomodate our research. Many have issued supportive comments like "if you run that thing again you'll kill us all." They laughed at us at the academy, but who's laughing now?

Ah, I crack myself up.


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