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Hey, look! I know you Seattleites reading this have been itching to get out of the house after that record rainy spell and today's beautiful sunny weather.

Okay, so that's a cheap and craven plug to let you all know that [ profile] imtboo and I are moving in together in our hip urban neighborhood -- this weekend! -- and we would love some help on Sunday, because many hands → light work, especially when that work involves taking boxes up the stairs. If we're lucky (and I'm not counting on it) we'll have another day like today

So if you're up for it*, comment here (or there) and one of us will get back with you to let you know where it is.

Thanks! Hope to see a few of you!

*drinks and food will be available
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In honor of the five-hour home-decorating marathon gauntlet of Swedish flatpack furniture that [ profile] imtboo and I went through yesterday (with coaching and support from [ profile] blackwingedboy), I am posting a link to the IKEA walkthrough. (update: it's a lot more violent than I remember.)

I must say, we did extremely well. And considering what we bought -- paying for delivery (tomorrow) was extremely wise. So great, that somebody else is going to take it all up the stairs.
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well, not so lazy -- I've done a fair amount of googling, but there is much linux power and knowledge among my F-list.

I'm toying with CAD programs for Linux, partially to avoid other work and partially because I'm curious, and I'm looking to move into a new apartment. It would be pretty neat to be able to lay out the floor plan and have a digital model of it. (useful, maybe not. but neat!)

any suggestions? Inkscape seems too low-level -- extremely powerful, but not an architecture tool. QCaD seems promising, but I haven't tried it out (it also may be headed to closed-source). Am I missing any other major contenders?
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done with the presentation. was a little stressful getting it all done in time, but it went pretty well in the end. [ profile] imtboo was looking out for me and made sure I ate breakfast before I left. That helped too and the extra blood sugar kept me on my toes while I was posing and answering questions.

bleh. I look forward to getting back to my real research!

In happier news, [ profile] imtboo and I found a place and got it! We'll be moving in together starting in a week and a half, and done moving by Feb 1. woo!

foe cuss

Jan. 9th, 2006 03:36 pm
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aargh. can't write this presentation. must stop noodling.

I really want to hear from our prospective future landlord about our new place. I really liked it but we haven't got the official go-ahead yet.

I have much work to do.
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[ profile] firinel's package arrived today, with World Traveler inside!
see it! )


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